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What is TextRich?

This site is an online textbook for my high school students. However, former students, alumni, and anyone I've never taught before are all welcome to visit, learn, and review here anytime!

I mainly use this site to review things that we have covered in our classes. What I love about writing an online textbook is that it is much more dynamic than regular books. I can change and add content anytime, so I can always try new things here to make the information on this site easier to understand and remember. See or contact me if you have ideas on how I can make this site better for you.

I have designed this site so it can be easily read from any phone or tablet. I want you to be able to read this site from anywhere and at any time, even when you have left your school bag at home!

Picture of a surprised and upset young man riding a car who realizes he had left his phone somewhere.  The caption reads, 'Your face... when your phone is not in your pocket.'
Oh no... he can't visit TextRich now!

About the Author

I have been a high school teacher at The Learning Center for the Deaf since 2005. You can contact me by e-mail using Rich_Knopf(at)tlcdeaf(dot)org. If you want to see me in action, here is a video of me teaching Web Development in the fall of 2010, courtesy of ATETV.org.

I love teaching and I love rugby! SportsMX.com has a video of me refereeing rugby. Check it out - I'm the guy wearing the green adidas shirt in the first half of the video.

I am also the head volleyball coach for TLC. Check us out at MaxPreps.

 NEW!  I am not half bad with computers. Check out my PC build.

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