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Funny picture of an orange cat sitting on a kitchen counter with a woman looking at him.  The cat is shouting 'MOAR!'

This page is where I keep extra information. I will continue to add to it in the near future.

 UPDATED!  The Anki Dojo - Learn about a great spaced repetition software (SRS). There is also vocabulary work for my American Lit D students, but anyone who wants to improve memory is welcome to read about Anki.

 NEW!  Here are direct links to the following Google Classrooms for your convenience:

This year I am co-teaching Chemistry. We have a WikiSpace page for that subject. It, like this website, is a work in progress. :-)

My Quia Activities - There are a few activities and games for my classes to help them practice their verbs. You will need Java installed on your device to be able to view them.

A group of lions walking towards you.
 NEW!  What if you were being chased by a group of hungry lions? What would you tell people? "Help! A __________ of lions is after me!" To help you stay safe, here is a page with more collective nouns on animals than you ever wanted to know.

There is a nice helpful little rectangular new white British web page on adjective order.

June 2014 Finals Review - An old page I made to help last year's English classes prepare for their final exams. I have moved most of the information from that page to their own pages.

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