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Strat-O-Matic: TextRich's Pitchers 2017

For a replay project (2017 season), I wanted to improve the default starting pitchers and closers used by the computer managers in Stat-O-Matic Baseball. While the closers used aren't that bad, the default starting pitchers were determined by how many IPs they threw last season. That's it. So it is possible for a 10-18 5.00 ERA starter to be the computer manager's #1 pitcher!

I didn't find such a simple crieteria acceptable for determining the computer's pitchers and closers, so I put in some work. I used several statistical categories from Baseball Reference and SOM's own WAR to help me rank the starters and closers for all 30 teams.

Download TextRich's Pitchers 2017 (4.5 MB). It has a more detailed read me files, before and after shots of all 30 MLB teams, and 30 .MGR files you can use with instructions. There is also an editable Excel spreadsheet I used to help me rank the starters and closers.

For optimal experience, I suggest you do not limit overusage, do not use injuries, and allow minor leaguers to play. See my settings page for what I am using for this season.

If you would rather apply my rankings quickly and manually, you can just see the preview pictures below. Use the settings suggested in the after photos. It is up to you. :-)

Preview Pictures

Click on the before and after links of the teams that interest you. The before picture is the default setting for the 2017 season out of the box. The after picture has the improved settings. All 30 teams needed fixing and they are all below!

If you have any questions or comments, send them my way to moc.hcirtxet@hcir (actual address is right to left). I don't plan to do similar projects for batters and middle relievers. However, I may do this project with my other planned replays eventually. For now, enjoy!

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Created April 7, 2018