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Team and Individual Records

Note that the year corresponds to the players' MLB card year. So if a player is listed as 2017, his record was from our 2018 season using his 2017 card. The 2020 regular season has ended as of February 1, 2021 and this season's records are shown in yellow.

Team Records (Single Season)

Wins1332018 Strut'n Nuts
Losses1202000 Strato-Mags and 2011 Bobcats
Winning Streak22 games2009 Wolfpack
Losing Streak21 games2006 Free
Longest Game26 innings2019 Strut'n Nuts 6 Bobcats 5

Team Batting Records

At Bats5,9781999 Strato-Mags
Hits1,8371995 Pride
Doubles4192009 Wolfpack
Triples861984 Alloys
Home Runs3481999 Strato-Mags
Base on Balls7552010 Wolfpack
Strikeouts1,6052019 Hunters
Runs1,1041999 Strato-Mags
RBI1,0522000 Gold Sox
Batting Average.3161995 Pride
On Base %.3752000 Hunters
Stolen Bases2881990 Golden Hawks
SBs Per 9 Innings171990 Spiders
Runs in One Inning161990 Coyotes
Runs in One Game402019 Strut'n Nuts
Home Runs in One Game102019 Strut'n Nuts

Team Pitching Records

Innings1523.32013 Free
Saves831998 Strato-Mags
Complete Games602012 Bobcats
Team Shutouts302013 Strut'n Nuts
Relief Appearances4572006 Strato-Mags
Hits Allowed1,8542002 Diesel
Runs Allowed1,1071998 Sharks
Home Runs Allowed3122019 Bobcats
Earned Runs Allowed1,0072000 Strato-Mets
Bases On Balls7411999 Gold Sox
Strikeouts1,7272019 Chico's Bail Bonds
ERA (Best)2.362018 Strut'n Nuts
ERA (Worst)6.261998 Sharks and 2000 Strato-Mets

Individual Records (Qualifiers)

Individual Hitting Records

At Bats745Ichiro Suzuki2007 Bobcats
Hits279 Ichiro Suzuki 2007 Bobcats
Hitting Streak32 Wade Boggs 1985 Hound Dogs
Doubles69 John Olerud 1993 Quail
Triples31 Lance Johnson 1994 Pride
Home Runs88 Mark McGwire 1988 Strato-Mags
Consecutive HR Games9 Bo Jackson 1990 Hornets
Base On Balls221 Barry Bonds 2001 Gold Sox
Intentional B.B.105 Barry Bonds 2001 Gold Sox
Strikeouts214Pete Alonso 2019 TC35
Runs168 Edgar Martinez 1995 Pride
RBIs175 Albert Belle 1994 Bombers and 1995 Quail
RBIs in One Game11 Barry Larkin/Freddie Freeman 1991 Alloys/2019 Strut'n Nuts
Batting Average.377 Jeff Bagwell 1994 Bombers
On Base Percentage.518 Barry Bonds 2002 Gold Sox
Stolen Bases125 Vince Coleman 1985 Condors

Individual Pitching Records

Starter Wins30 Roger Clemens 1997 Strato-Mags
Relief Wins17 Gene Garber 1982 Black Hawks
Losses23 Steve Carlton 1982 Strato-Mets
Curt Schilling1987 Strato-Mets
Alex Fernandez1985 Sharks
Denny Neagle1998 Sharks
Saves53 Mel Rojas 1992 Bobcats
Relief Appearances91 Joel Pinerno 2002 Lightning
Alexi Ogando2011 Lightning
Danny Duffy2014 Wolfpack
Complete Games25 Mike Boddicker 1984 Cubs
Shutouts9 Roger Clemens 1997 Strato-Mags
Innings Pitched325 Steve Carlton 1992 Strato-Mets and Snakes
Hits Allowed348 Freddy Garcia 2002 Diesel
Home Runs Allowed65 Jorge Campillo 2008 Chico's Bail Bonds
Base On Balls177 Chan Ho Park 2000 Gold Sox
Consecutive BBs by One Pitcher6 Kyle Farnsworth 1999 Strato-mets
Strikeouts360 Randy Johnson 2001 Quail
Runs Allowed206 Freddy Garcia 2002 Diesel
Earned Runs Allowed197 Freddy Garcia 2002 Diesel
Best Starter ERA1.69 Mike Clevinger 2018 Bethel Park
Best Reliever ERA0.89 David Robertson 2013 Strut'n Nuts and Defenders
Worst Starter ERA8.27 Garrett Stephenson 2000 Strato-mets
Worst Reliever ERA8.27 Alan Benes 1996 Gold Sox
Consecutive Scoreless Innings37 Bob Ojeda 1988 Strato-Mets


Jose Berrios2020Broncos vs. Pilots
Gerrit Cole2019Chico's Bail Bonds vs. 29ers (one week later!)
Luis Castillo2019Chico's Bail Bonds vs. Skeeters
Gerrit Cole2018Grizzlies vs. Bobcats
Jose Fernandez2013Grizzlies vs. Hunters
C.C. Sabathia2012 PlayoffsHunters vs. Chico's Bail Bonds
Daniel Hudson2010Quail vs. Hunters
Dave Bush2007Bobcats vs. Hunters
Brandon Webb2003Lightning vs. Wolfpack
Jason Schmidt2003Wolfpack vs. Strato-Mags
Paul Abbott1999Bobcats vs. Firebirds
Roger Clemens1998Strato-Mags vs. 29ers
John Smoltz1996Strato-Mags vs. Pride
Ismael Valdez1996Strato-Mets vs. Gold Sox
Dave Stieb1990Hornets vs. Tigers
Chris Bosio1990Spartans vs. Bombers
Dennis "Oil Can" Boyd1990Spartans vs. Alloys
Charlie Hough1988Strato-Mets vs. Bombers
Mike Smithson1984Alloys vs. Snakes
Joe Niekro1982Alloys vs. Hunters
Tim Lollar1982Black Hawks vs. Hound Dogs

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